September 30

Today, we did a history test on the first chapter. Also we did a SAT Math test (which is due on the 1st). Here is some more information about the SAT Subject Test. The article lists several SAT Tests ranging from United States History to German. For the people who would like a challenge, here is a link for more SAT Math Tests.


SAT Practice Questions

These are actual questions from past SAT exams.  Explain how to solve each question.  This is due on Wednesday October 1.

1.  The sum of three consecutive numbers is 33.  What is the middle number?

2.  The sum of three consecutive integers is 15.  What is the middle integer?

3. The sum of three consecutive integers is 93.  What is the middle integer?

4.  The sum of five consecutive integers is 15.  What is the greatest integer?

5. The ages of three brothers are consecutive even integers. The sum of their ages is 54.  What is the age of the oldest brother now?

6. If Michael is twice as old as Alice, and four years ago the sum of their ages was 52, how old is Michael now?  Choices: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60

7. If Lucas is twice as old Candy and two years ago the sum of their ages was 41, how old is Lucas now?

8.  A father is three times as old as his son.  Five years ago the sum of their ages was 30. How old is the father now?

9. A mother is four times as old as her daughter.  In two years the sum of the ages will be 44.  How old is the mother now?


As of September 28, 2014, I am resigning as the main editor of this blog. Instead, several of my classmates will begin weekly shifts writing posts on this blog. Although one of the intentions of this decision was to lift some weight off my shoulders, another reason was so that I could spice up the blog with writing from somebody else, instead of having to read my style of blog writing all the time. I will remain on the blog as the administrator, making sure everything is going well, but I will be seldom writing blog posts in the future. That’s all from me!

History Test Question Examples

The questions are here!

Examples of Questions on a Future History Test
1. Describe the civil hierarchy of French people in New France.
2. Describe the role of the Roman Catholic faith in New France.
3. Why is Quebec’s culture predominantly French?
4. What role did the First Nations people play in the creation of New France?

Week in Review: September 22-26

This week in class, we:

  • finished our math unit
  • finished creating organizers for chapters 1 and 2 of the history textbook
  • began creating organizers for chapter 3 of the history textbook (due Monday)
  • worked on our music visual stories (due Monday)
  • learned about and began working with compound microscopes in science
  • took up the 2003 Gauss Test
  • created perceptual illusions (vases/faces) and worked on upside-down Picasso drawings in art
  • took part in the Terry Fox Run
  • watched a short movie on life in New France
  • created some of the most challenging math questions (Grade 8s)
  • prepared to solve some of the most challenging math questions (Grade 7s)

By the way, normalasianguy and SteveJowbs begin their first shift on the blog on September 29, when I will be pretty much start posting very little.

September 26

Today, the Grade 8s continued developing their supposedly hardest math problem in the world for the 7s to solve. Also, science homework is due on Monday, as is our music visual story and the organizers for the third chapter of the New France unit in history. I have also managed to organize this blog such that we’ll have weekly editors for our blog.