The Beginnings

Welcome to our class’s new blog!

Now, why did I start this blog? Several reasons for that matter. Back in June, the Governor gave me the idea of starting a blog for our class. One of the main reasons was for this to essentially become our online agenda, which would consist of what homework we had, or if we had any, the important dates ahead of us. A smaller reason, which was also sparked by the conversation I had with the Governor, is for this to become a site of sharing. Now what that means is, say you had a tutorial you wanted to share with your classmates, be it a text, presentation, or video. Well, with this blog, you could upload said tutorial and share it with your peers! Finally, I’d like to touch on how this blog will work. I am currently the only admin on this blog, but I would certainly like to share this privilege with other classmates, if they want to and are suitable for the job (no spammers!). We could either have multiple students running this website, or we could have a different admin every month. That, however, is still yet to be decided. Anyways, thank you for reading this post and I hope you enjoy what is soon to come!


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