October 31

In our double Literacy period, we practised answering short answer questions, and we answered the question “When do you feel happy?”. We got into groups consisting of three 8s and one grade 7 to assist the grade 7 with coming up with an answer for the abiding question: Why is Quebec’s character predominantly French?

In Science, we worked on organizing our cell models, and the materials you are planning to use.

In Music, we identified songs that were to be played in the Hallowe’en dance.

For the last two periods of school, the Hallowe’en dance took place in the gym, while some of us were in the computer lab.


Bring Science materials on Friday.

The COMC exam will take place on Thursday November 6th.


History Homework Addendum

Yesterday, I assigned some homework in History class.  Today we discussed the progress on the homework and changed the expectations to better suit your needs.   In order to be sure that everyone understands the homework, here it is again.

Grade 8s – your homework still stands, so you need to post one question in the same place as your classmates.  Those students who had this homework finished on time are not required to post another question.  In the end, I want fifteen questions from the grades as group.

Grade 7s – I’ve changed the expectations of your homework.  DUE MONDAY November 3rd, prepare written notes for each of the questions posted by the grade 8s.  These need only be in the form of jot notes, and in rough form, but you MUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

October 30

For Health this morning, the 7s started learning about harassment, and the 8s started their unit on healthy eating (macro/micro nutrients, water).

In our double period of Literacy, we watched a presentation, took a note on Shot/Reverse Shot, and read and discussed Chapter 4 in the History textbook, and asked the important question: Why is Quebec predominantly French?

For homework, the 8s have to reply to the Governor’s previous post with a question about the 4th chapter, and the 7s have to answer these 15 questions.

In Math, the 7s handed in their Measurement project, and we worked on a probability problem, which was later presented on the board.

For French, we learned Hallowe’en vocabulary, and were given a worksheet to practice.

In Library class, we were given a free work period.


There will be band practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bring your Science materials on Monday for your cell model. Remember to save some Hallowe’en candy!

The Hallowe’en dance will be tomorrow, and bring money for snacks. Pop and chips will be sold for $1 each, and it will be $1.50 for a combo of 1 can of pop and 1 bag of chips. There will also be a costume contest, so remember to wear your costumes.

History Homework

Grade 8s will post one question each covering the content of Chapter 4.  Post your question as a reply to this post.  Questions should be straightforward questions about the content and need not be higher level synthesis questions. This is due ASAP so that the grade 7s have a reasonable amount of time to answer them.

Grade 7s will hand in typed or VERY neatly written responses to each question on Monday November 3rd.  Responses will be in sentence/paragraph form.

October 29

First, I’d like to give credit to RinneSharingan21 for recording the day’s activities for this post.

In French, some of the class presented their food riddles, and worked on the Client Difficile assignment, which will be given extra time due to the Fun Run.

In the double Visual Art period, the Governor checked out sketchbooks and the class started working on their detailed leaf drawings.

In Math, the class presented the History projects that were due that day. Apologies to my group who wasn’t able to present.

In the first Literacy period, the class watched a video about metaphors, and listened to Raven, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. We also continued working on the Remembrance Day planning and will be having a meeting on next Wednesday to check on our progress.

In the last Literacy period, we posted our Grade 8 Math Question. The Governor also reviewed the list of 15 things that were given to us yesterday, to continue using the Memory Palace strategy.


Research for your Social Justice project for Library is due tomorrow. Remember, everyone in the group (if you are in a group) must contribute.

The Grade 7’s have a wall measurement project is due tomorrow.

October 28

In first period Science class, our class had our Microscope Labs handed back. The mark (level) for your Lab is expected to be in your Table of Contents in your Science section or binder. This time next week, we are expected to be in groups of up to three people or be by yourself to create a model of a plant/animal cell. On Monday, remind yourself to bring in materials for your model. Every member has to bring in something.

During our Phys. Ed. class, we continued the net/wall unit, and started doing overhand and underhand serves.

In Music, we practiced 3 songs in our books: #32, #33, and #34.

In our double Literacy period, we reviewed all 3 15-object lists that were given us the previous day using the Memory Palace strategy. Congratulations to birddingus on getting all 45 items backward!

Afterward, we discussed the content of the 4 success criteria sheets that were given to us the day before, and printed out the Ontario Language Curriculum pages 20-21.

In Math, we handed in the homework from yesterday, a clear explanation on how to solve Problem E. Later, we were given another 15-object list to memorize and is homework to memorize for tomorrow!


There is band practice tomorrow at 11:50.

The Governor also said in class today that we should all check this blog after school, and write in our agendas everyday. There might be another agenda check coming up soon…