October 6

Today in History, the grade 7’s started their chapter 3 organizers about New France while the grade 8’s worked on their History of New France Media Task. Remember the Media Task is due next Tuesday on October 14th!

In Math, we started the Measurement unit. While the 7’s worked on real life applications for area, metric conversions, the area of trapezoids and other composite 2-D shapes, the 8’s worked on the radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle.

The music teacher has also left forms on the center table regarding if you would like the sign out your instrument. If so, bring the form in next Music class.

Also, a Happy Birthday to giftedblog87!


One thought on “October 6

  1. rinnesharingan says:

    Also, in class, we discussed why we study history, and someone came up with the fact that we do not want to repeat something that has already been done in the past.


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