October 9

Today in Literacy/History, we once again talked about howaboutwetalk‘s question: Why do we study History? The Governor then read us a passage from the book ‘Moonwalking with Einstien’ by Joshua Foer about memory. The passage talked about a man who has a severe case of amnesia. This linked to howaboutwetalk‘s question. We came up with ideas such as “Without History, there would be no culture, traditions, politics and human rights as well as things such as genetic engineering and the development of Science in general. History gives us a story for our lives. Also, remember to research Dan Brown.

Then in Math, we took up our 2004 practice Gauss test. Congratulations to giftedblog87 and rainbowtigercat for scoring perfect! Note that there is a Science Quiz next Friday on October 17, remember to study. Also, if have not already brought in your forms to sign out an instrument, please bring it in as soon as possible.


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