October 15

Some of us presented our French commercials today. Those who haven’t presented will present next class.

During Art, we continued working on our hand sketches, and the Governor gave us feedback on them.

The Grade 8s continued working on measurement problems while the Grade 7s continued to find the area of a wall in the classroom.

During History, we got our tests back, and took them up. Later, we discussed our upcoming History projects. Be sure to have a written proposal which should include the following:

  • names of your group members
  • which Chapter you intend to do
  • what format your presentation will be in
  • how you intend on completing it
  • things you want to improve, based on the results of your last project

This proposal will be due tomorrow. It should be about a couple paragraphs long.

During our period with Mrs. Read today, we discussed our plans for the Remembrance Day assembly, and began a script for it.

There is a Science Quiz on Friday on MR.GREEN, the Microscope, and Cell Theory.

Remember, the Parent info meeting on Ottawa tomorrow is CANCELLED. The new date of the meeting will be announced soon.

Feel free to leave a comment below about today’s activities.


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