October 16

We learned about being physically literate in Health class today.

During History, the Gr. 7s created organizers for Chapter 2 in the History textbook while the Gr. 8s gave their proposal for our next history project. We discussed the Conventions of a PowerPoint as well as film-making. These will be up on the blog. The Gr. 8s looked at the Ontario Language Curriculum, and found the expectations that would apply for oral communication in the future drama projects in the Gr. 8 section. We got 2.3: Clarity and Coherence, and 2.5: Vocal Skills and Strategy. The homework due tomorrow is to find two expectations in writing.

In Math, we did some BEDMAS questions from the Gr. 9 CEMC Pascal Test.

We practised our oral communication in French.

In Library class, we finished our point-form note-taking lessons and started learning how to do a proper bibliography.

There is a Science Quiz on microscopes, MR.GREEN, and Cell Theory tomorrow during 3rd period. Remember to study from your notes and the textbook.

The Ottawa Parent Meeting Night is CANCELLED.

Feel free to leave a comment below about today’s activities.


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