October 17

Today in Literacy, the Gr. 8s continued their discussion about the expectations that they would be marked on from the Ontario Language Curriculum. The Gr. 7s took notes on the Expulsion of the Acadians.

During Science today, we did a quiz on microscopes, MR. GREEN, and Cell Theory, and finished up our microscope drawings. For those who have not finished, our Science teacher will give extra time on one of the days next week during break to complete it. Be sure to listen to the announcements. These will be due next Friday at the latest.

In Math, we continued doing number sense questions. Also, those who agreed to participating in the COMC math contest will need to bring in $12.50 to pay for the admission fees.

In French, we completed a small writing task that will be due next class.

There will be Band tryouts for any Grade 7 or 8 on Monday for brass instruments, Tuesday for woodwind instruments and Wednesday for percussion and those who were away on Monday or Tuesday.

Feel free to leave a comment below about today’s activities.


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