October 22, 2014

In French, we began a movie called ‘Space Jam’- in the French language, of course.

In Art class, we completed our summative task, which was a drawing of our hand. We also had a lesson on colour wheels, and worked on a drawing of four circles- containing either primary colours, secondary colours and intermediate colours.

In History, we read page 53 together and started on the jot notes and paragraphs for the three questions on this page. If you were finished, you continued page 61’s pre-writing and paragraphs.

In Literacy, we continued our Remembrance Day planning; we wrote and planned scripts and read World War I books.

In Mathematics, we completed questions 12, 15 and 16 on page 167, and worked on question 5 on page 178. If these are not done, they are homework.

Unfortunately, the Governor was away on a mathematical training session. We missed him, but Mr. Midgley did a wonderful job teaching in his place.

Remember: a student council meeting will take place tomorrow, during break. Also, you can buy pizza tickets tomorrow morning.


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