Week in Review: October 20-24

This week in our class, we:

October 20

  • were marked on our organization skills
  • calculated the area of the walls (gr. 7)
  • began our net/wall unit in physical education
  • began a new French project (Une client difficile)
  • worked on our history projects

October 21

  • learned about the parts of plant and animal cells and created an organizer on them
  • began our pre-writing and paragraphs for the Mohawk Creation Story and Acadian exile
  • learned about Hexaflexagons

October 22

  • began the French-dubbed movie Space Jam
  • completed our summative task for art (a drawing of a hand)
  • continued Remembrance Day planning
  • completed questions 12, 15 and 16 on page 167 and worked on question 5 on page 178 (gr. 8)

October 23

  • completed ‘I Will’ statements in health class
  • finished Problem C ‘Reach for the Top’ in Problem of the Week
  • ended the French-dubbed Space Jam movie
  • finished bibliography charts

October 24

  • took up cell part organizers
  • were given back compound light microscope quizzes
  • began the movie ‘School of Rock’
  • started two new Problems of the Week- Problem D and E
  • participated in a monthly Fun Run

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