October 27

Today in Math class, in first period, we discussed and took up Problems D and E.

In Physical Education class, we continued our “net/wall unit”. We used our physical literacy skills by setting and bumping, and played the game HORSE to practice.

In third period Math, we continued taking up problem E, and a full explanation for that problem is due tomorrow. The requirements for the assignment have been posted by the Governor (scroll down). We have also been given 4 rubrics to use later on.

The problem: A cube with the side lengths 4 cm is to be cut in the following manner: the corner of the cube is removed by making a cut through the midpoints of the three adjacent sides. The diagram shows the resulting figure after the first cut (refer to paper).

Similar cuts are made at each of the remaining corners of the cube. Determine the increase or decrease in total surface area as a result of slicing the eight corners off the original cube. For the Grade 7s, you only need to solve up until the corners are removed (excluding the new triangle faces).

For our double Literacy periods, the Governor gave us a list of 15 items/instructions to memorize, then informed us of an easy method for memorization: a Memory Palace. Your Memory Palace is a 3D space in reality in which you are familiar with (e.g. your house). We practiced memorizing with 2 more lists with the Memory Palace, and found that it was efficient.

In French class, we created 3 hints each for 5 food riddles.


Try to wear red and white clothes tomorrow (Oct. 28th) to respect those who protect us.

On November 5th, there will be an Open House at Sir Allan MacNab high school. If you think you might be going to MacNab and wish to attend, please let the Governor know so he can arrange for a bus.


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