October 28

In first period Science class, our class had our Microscope Labs handed back. The mark (level) for your Lab is expected to be in your Table of Contents in your Science section or binder. This time next week, we are expected to be in groups of up to three people or be by yourself to create a model of a plant/animal cell. On Monday, remind yourself to bring in materials for your model. Every member has to bring in something.

During our Phys. Ed. class, we continued the net/wall unit, and started doing overhand and underhand serves.

In Music, we practiced 3 songs in our books: #32, #33, and #34.

In our double Literacy period, we reviewed all 3 15-object lists that were given us the previous day using the Memory Palace strategy. Congratulations to birddingus on getting all 45 items backward!

Afterward, we discussed the content of the 4 success criteria sheets that were given to us the day before, and printed out the Ontario Language Curriculum pages 20-21.

In Math, we handed in the homework from yesterday, a clear explanation on how to solve Problem E. Later, we were given another 15-object list to memorize and is homework to memorize for tomorrow!


There is band practice tomorrow at 11:50.

The Governor also said in class today that we should all check this blog after school, and write in our agendas everyday. There might be another agenda check coming up soon…


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