October 29

First, I’d like to give credit to RinneSharingan21 for recording the day’s activities for this post.

In French, some of the class presented their food riddles, and worked on the Client Difficile assignment, which will be given extra time due to the Fun Run.

In the double Visual Art period, the Governor checked out sketchbooks and the class started working on their detailed leaf drawings.

In Math, the class presented the History projects that were due that day. Apologies to my group who wasn’t able to present.

In the first Literacy period, the class watched a video about metaphors, and listened to Raven, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. We also continued working on the Remembrance Day planning and will be having a meeting on next Wednesday to check on our progress.

In the last Literacy period, we posted our Grade 8 Math Question. The Governor also reviewed the list of 15 things that were given to us yesterday, to continue using the Memory Palace strategy.


Research for your Social Justice project for Library is due tomorrow. Remember, everyone in the group (if you are in a group) must contribute.

The Grade 7’s have a wall measurement project is due tomorrow.


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