October 30

For Health this morning, the 7s started learning about harassment, and the 8s started their unit on healthy eating (macro/micro nutrients, water).

In our double period of Literacy, we watched a presentation, took a note on Shot/Reverse Shot, and read and discussed Chapter 4 in the History textbook, and asked the important question: Why is Quebec predominantly French?

For homework, the 8s have to reply to the Governor’s previous post with a question about the 4th chapter, and the 7s have to answer these 15 questions.

In Math, the 7s handed in their Measurement project, and we worked on a probability problem, which was later presented on the board.

For French, we learned Hallowe’en vocabulary, and were given a worksheet to practice.

In Library class, we were given a free work period.


There will be band practices every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bring your Science materials on Monday for your cell model. Remember to save some Hallowe’en candy!

The Hallowe’en dance will be tomorrow, and bring money for snacks. Pop and chips will be sold for $1 each, and it will be $1.50 for a combo of 1 can of pop and 1 bag of chips. There will also be a costume contest, so remember to wear your costumes.


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