Weekly Overview (Oct. 27-31)

October 27 (Mon.)

  • Took up Problems D and E
  • Worked on setting and bumping
  • Given 3 lists to memorize using a Memory Palace
  • Made French riddles about food

October 28 (Tues.)

  • Handed back our Microscope labs
  • Started overhand and underhand serve
  • Practiced songs 32, 33, and 34
  • Discussed 4 success criteria sheets
  • Continued using a Memory Palace

October 29 (Wed.)

  • Presented food riddles, and worked on Client Difficile assignment
  • Started detailed leaf drawings
  • Presented History projects
  • Watched video about metaphors, listened to Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Posted grade 8 Math questions

October 30 (Thurs.)

  • Gr. 7s learned about harassment, gr. 8s learned about healthy eating
  • Read and discussed Chapter 4 in History textbook
  • Gr. 7s handed in Measurement projects
  • Learned French Hallowe’en vocabulary
  • Given free work period in the library

October 31 (Fri.- Hallowe’en)

  • Practised answering short answer questions
  • Organized cell models
  • Identified songs from the dance playlist
  • Hallowe’en dance took place in the gymnasium

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