November 3

In the first period of Math, the Grade 8’s worked on a question made by us a week ago. This question included a cylinder and a rectangular prism. The Grade 7’s worked on textbook questions from page 154 to 155 focussing on formula, substitution and calculation.

In Gym class, we practiced bumping and setting a volleyball for the first 15 minutes and started playing a game of volleyball for the rest of class.

In the second period of Math, the Grade 7’s worked on finishing the textbook question. The Grade 8’s handed in the question they were working on and started reading from the textbook on page 130-131 and doing question #3-8 on page 132. If they are not done, they are due for tomorrow.

In Literacy, we first spent some time to take the comments for the History questions the Grade 8’s composed and putting them in order from what page number their answer was from. We then discussed how to answer these questions and gave the 7’s homework to finish these questions. The Grade 8’s have the Policy Shift question to comment for homework.

In French, we continued working on the Client Difficile project which we made a due date of Thursday, November 6. We are expected to aim for a Level 4 which we have discussed many times in class.


There is Band Practice tomorrow.

Bring in your Science materials for your cell model on Friday.

The COMC exam will be held on Thursday during Period 1, which is Health.

The Sir Allan MacNab orientation is on Wednesday for the 2 students involved.


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