November 4

In Science, we played a game called Cellcraft on Smart-Kit. It is about making a cell, battling viruses by collecting organelles and learning about the cell biology.

In Gym, we continued playing volleyball by first getting into groups to play HORSE and then dividing the class in half and playing another game of volleyball. This time, we played with more bumping and setting and improved our physical literacy.

In Music, we continued watching the School of Rock starring Jack Black. We will finish the last 10 minutes on Friday.

In History, the Grade 7’s worked on writing short answers for the questions the Grade 8s made. The questions all come form Chapter 4 which focuses on the life of Quebec after the British had control. The Grade 8’s worked on prewriting for the Thinking It Over questions from page 123 of Chapter 6 which focuses on the War of 1812.

In the second period of History, we went to the computer lab where the Grade 8’s worked on typing their prewriting into a better copy while the Grade 7’s used the time to completely finish the questions.

In Math, we did the Gauss 2005 test. The 2015 Gauss test will be this May.


The Sir Allan MacNab Orientation is tomorrow and the bus will arrive at 11:30 a.m.

Save your Halloween Candy for Friday’s Science class

We have Literacy class to review what we finished for the Remembrance Day assembly so finish what you were working on.

The Grade 7 questions are homework for tomorrow.


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