November 5

In French, we had our last period to work on the Le Client Difficile project. Tomorrow is the due date so remember to have your script ready.

In Art, we continued working on our leaves. We haven’t come up with a name so leave some name ideas in the comments (See what I did there). The project is for the Grade 8 classes to make a bunch of leaves to hang on the wall. When we make the leaves, we must only draw what we see using right-mode thinking.

In History class, we went to the computer lab. The Grade 8’s worked on the Putting it Together question on page 131 while the Grade 7’s worked on the History Questions.

In Literacy, we reviewed how the Remembrance Day assembly will play out. We will have giftedblog87 and superbonbon155 as MCs and llehctim reciting Flanders Fields. Kudos to giftedblog87, rainbowtigercat and rinnesharingan for making the script, and organizing the assembly.

In Math, we took up the Gauss 2005 test. We went through all the questions to see which ones were Number Sense and Measurement. Congratulations to Kaprisong and rainbowtigercat for getting perfect scores of 150.


The COMC test will be tomorrow. Good luck to everyone to participating.

There is History homework for both the Grade 7’s and 8’s. Read the previous posts for more detailed info.

The French project on the Client Difficile is due tomorrow.

We have a Library period to work on our Social Justice projects. Remember to bring your research.

There is a band practice tomorrow.


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