November 6

In Health, the Grade 8’s filled out the sheet about Big Ideas and Functions of nutrients. They also went to the Canada’s Food Guide for examples. The Grade 7’s continued being taught about what harassment is and what you would do if you were harassed.

In Literacy, we had some silent reading for a while then watched a movie about the Plains of Abraham battle and the War of 1812. We discussed about what we thought about it which led to the discussion of motivations of the Manifest Destiny.

During all three periods 7 students were doing the COMC exam. Congratulations to all of you and I hope you did well.

During Math class,  we marked all the Number Sense and Measurement questions in the Gauss 2005 test. Then, we let our classmates write solutions to the questions we had trouble from the test on the board.

In French, we presented our Client Difficile projects to the class. This time, we did a much better job and no grade is less than a 4.

In Library, we worked on our Social Justice project by filling out a KWL chart (which stands for Know, Want to know and Learned). Next class, we will continue working on them and might have time to start our projects and research.


There is pizza tomorrow so if you ordered your tickets, you can get your pizza.

We have Science in period 3 so remember to bring your materials for your cell model.

1 more groups need to present their Client Difficile project. Remember to be ready.


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