November 7

In Literacy, we had some silent reading then the Governor took our books and asked us what we read. This shows how much you are really reading and focusing on the book and will be going to our report cards.

In the second period, we discussed why the War of 1812 was the last battle between the British and the Americans. We discussed both sides and used the Pearson’s History 7 textbook to prove our point.

In Science, we worked on our cell model using Halloween candy and other materials. We were marked on if we brought our materials or not. Next class will be the last working class for them. Remember to bring your materials!

In Music we finished watching School of Rock then played the songs #34-39.

In Math, the Grade 7’s were given a question and they joined the Grade 8’s when they were done. They had to focus on Formula, Substitution & Calculation. The Grade 8’s finished taking up Question 25 of the Gauss 2005 test, checked their Math homework from Monday and played a game where they had to find the rule for a pattern. This helped them with their algebraic skills.

In French, we were given a sheet about the entrepreneurs of famous restaurants and answering questions about them in French. They will be marked. We were also given homework to find a recipe in French and its ingredients for Wednesday. *Do not bring in any food just the ingredient names*. 


Remember your French recipe for Wednesday.

Bring in your Science materials for your cell model on Tuesday.


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