Weekly Overview (Nov. 3-7)

November 3 (Mon.)

  • solved our cylinder and cube question
  • played a game of volleyball
  • put History comments in order by page number
  • worked on the Client Difficile project

November 4 (Tues.)

  • played game called Cell Craft
  • continued watching School of Rock
  • wrote short answers to questions on the War of 1812
  • did Gauss test 2005

November 5 (Wed.)

  • worked on the Client Difficile last class
  • worked on drawing leaves using right-mode thinking
  • did play through of the Remembrance Day assembly
  • took up Gauss 2005

November 6 (Thurs.)

  • did COMC exam (7 students)
  • did Nutrient’s Big Ideas and Functions sheet and learned about harassment
  • watched movie about the Plains of Abraham and the War of 1812 and talked about Manifest Destiny
  • continued solving the Gauss 2005 test
  • presented our Client Difficile projects
  • started a KWL chart about your Social Justice topic

 November 7 (Fri.)

  • reviewed on why the War of 1812 was the last war between the Americans and British
  • started our cell model using Halloween candy
  • finished School of Rock and played songs #33-39
  • worked on finding the algebraic expression in a pattern
  • did sheet about restaurant entrepreneurs and given homework to get a recipe

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