November 10

In Math, the Grade 7’s took a Measurement test.  The Grade 8’s watched a video by Khan Academy about Algebra’s connections to the rest of Mathematics, and the universe.  They then made graphs and algebraic expressions.

In Gym, we did a stationary bicycle test of 1km.  After, we did fitness and badminton.

In Literacy, we silent read, then talked about the books we were reading.  Afterwards, we went into groups of four and discussed the levels of collaboration.  We then discussed the qualities of an E.

In fifth period, we continued our discussion.  Later on in fifth period, we received a biography organizer/plot diagram, and made a plot diagram of what we are currently reading.

In French, we watched a video, and answered questions about the video.


Bring your equipment for your cell model for tomorrow.

Bring in your French recipe for Wednesday.

Finish your French questions for Wednesday, the video can be found at:

Grade 8’s: Algebraic expressions and graphs due tomorrow.


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