November 11

In Science, we worked on our cell models.  Some groups finished and got quizzed on the parts and functions of a cell.

In Gym, some people took the stationary bicycle test again, while the other people either played badminton or rode on scooter boards.

In Music, we played Jingle Bells, and then had the moment of silence.

In Fourth Period Literacy, we went outside and joined Class 76 in playing manhunt or just playing around.

In Fifth Period Literacy, we went to the computer lab and discussed what made British North America British, and what made British North America North American.  We wrote a paragraph about each.

In Math, the Grade 7’s finished their tests, and then finished the work that was assigned yesterday.  (Sorry! I forgot to put it in!) They then joined the Grade 8’s in doing graphs.


Bring in your French recipe for tomorrow.

Finish French questions from video at:

Grade 7’s: Finish Math questions pg. 121, questions 1-4

Grade 8’s and 7’s: Finish charts and graphs for x^2, and x^2+4.

2 thoughts on “November 11

  1. This is good work LITTLETARDISGIRL. In future entries for the events of the day, you don’t need to include the events of our DPA period. Also, proofread your entry for language quality. For instance, your use of the expression “got quizzed” could be more eloquently phrased. Lastly, try to be more specific. For instance, you could be slightly more expansive by indicating that the moment of silence was in respect for Remembrance Day.

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