November 12

In French, the last two groups presented, and then we handed in our questions and recipes.

In Visual Art, we finished and made more leaves for the display outside the Art Room.  The people who were finished read chapter 1, and answered the questions about the chapter.

In the Fourth Period Math, we went to the Gym for an assembly.

In Fifth Period Literacy, we finished the assembly, and then we talked about university.

In Drama, we played a game with interviewing. Then, we did improv.


5 thoughts on “November 12

  1. My comments from yesterday were clearly taken to heart, however, there are still ways to improve today’s entry. For instance, it’s not sufficient to note that we had an assembly without providing some details. It would be a good idea to indicate the purpose of the assembly and what we learned. Some specific topics from the discussion after the assembly could include things like the benefits and potential pitfalls of fast-tracking through high school, and the benefits of being a well-rounded learner.

    Your own personal organization skills will improve by practicing this somewhat more detailed tracking of daily events.


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