November 13

In Health, the Grade 7’s received a sheet on harassment.  The Grade 8’s took up the nutrients page, and in groups made a balanced lunch with all the food groups, and nutrients.

In Literacy, we took a History test on Chapter 6 of the Pearson Textbook.  When we finished, we silent read.

In Math, both grades made graphs.  The Grade 7’s graphed 2x, 4x, and 6x.  The Grade 8’s graphed 2x², 4x², and 6x²

In French, we guessed each other’s recipes, and then we talked about what we are going to do tomorrow.

In Library, we discussed our Social Justice projects, and then we had the rest of the period to work on them.


Grade 7’s: Finish your graphs of 2x, 4x, and 6x.

Grade 8’s: Finish your graphs of 2x², 4x², and 6x².

Grade 8’s received notices for the dates of the open houses for Sir Allan MacNab, and Westmount.


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