November 14

In Literacy, we went to the Art room.  In the Art room, we started a project on word art.  We took a topic that is from what we learned in History, and used the textbook to find words about that topic.  We then picked what shape the word art was going to be in, and drew it with the words.

In Science, we got marked on our cell projects and our answers to the questions about the parts and functions of a cell.  We then answered questions from the textbook.

In Music, the different instrument groups had to play Jingle Bells, and then the other instrument groups graded them.

In Math, the grade 7’s made tables and a graph that had all three.  These were 3x+4, 3x+2, and 3x-3.  The Grade 8’s made tables and graphed 3x^2, 4x^2, and 5x^2.

In French, we went to our homeroom, and using the French recipe, made Rice Krispie squares.


Grade 7’s: Tables of 3x+4, 3x+2 3x-3 and one graph with all of them.

Grade 8’s: Tables and graphs of 3x^2, 4x^2, and 5x^2 due Monday.

Science: pg 36, #1-8, due Tuesday.

Science test on Tuesday.

Science vocabulary list due Tuesday.


One thought on “November 14

  1. Just a quick note: the quality of your daily updates has improved. Be alert to your habit of using “got” instead of “were.” For instance,

    We were tested…
    We were quizzed…
    We were silly…


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