Word Art

In this assignment, you’ll have a chance to create a work of art that incorporates your knowledge of Canadian History.

Use a piece of drawing paper to create a word-art image depicting a theme from Canadian History.  You’ll have class time on November 14th and November 17th.

Once you’ve selected a theme, do some word-storming on a piece of scrap paper.  Your words should be relevant to the theme you selected.  Broad themes like place names and people are permissible.  I encourage you to find a way to incorporate a degree of sophistication so that your visual subject and the words you use to create the image have an intricate thematic connection.  In the hope of leaving things more open-ended, I’ll leave it at that.  Google “word art” to find examples.

Learning Goal: I will integrate visual arts into my understanding of a theme in Canadian History.

Success Criteria: My word art will be drawn on fine paper using a range of media including pencil and/or drawing pens.  It will visually depict a theme from Canadian History and will be comprised of a wide range of words specifically relevant to my theme.  It will be completed during class time.


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