Week Overview (Nov. 10-14)

November 10 (Mon.)

  • Grade 7’s took a Measurement test
  • Grade 8’s made Graphs and Algebraic Expressions
  • Rode a stationary bicycle test of 1 km
  • Discussed the levels of the learning skill of Collaboration
  • Answered questions about cooking video

November 11 (Tues.)

  • Finished cell models
  • Retook the stationary bicycle test
  • Played Jingle Bells
  • Discussed what made B.N.A. British, and what made it North American
  • Grade 7’s finished Measurement test
  • Grade 8’s finished the previous day’s work, then made graphs

November 12 (Wed.)

  • Last 2 groups presented their Client Difficile presentations
  • Made leaves for the display outside the art room
  • Read chapter 2 and answered the questions on it
  • Went to an assembly by Sir Allan MacNab and Westmount
  • Discussed university
  • Played a game with interviewing and improv

November 13 (Thurs.)

  • Grade 7’s received and worked on a harassment worksheet
  • Grade 8’s finished and took up the nutrients page, and made balanced lunches in groups
  • Took a test on chapter 6 of the Pearson History Textbook
  • Made tables and graphs
  • Riddled each other on our recipes
  • Worked on our Social Justice projects

November 14 (Fri.)

  • Started History word-art project
  • Were graded on our cell models
  • Answered questions from the textbook
  • Were marked on our performance of Jingle Bells
  • Made graphs and tables
  • Made Rice Krispie squares using the French recipe

One thought on “Week Overview (Nov. 10-14)

  1. Nice work on this “week in review” post. This kind of post is the best place for brevity (being brief). Your use of the apostrophe in the expression “grade 7s” is still incorrect. See my comment on November 11th about this.

    Also, you improved greatly over the week. I’d like you to continue managing the blog for the beginning of the week and we’ll revisit this on Wednesday in Literacy class.


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