MLSD Meatball Ratios Problem

Meatball Lunches Substitute Dinner (MLSD), consisting of littletardisgirl, Artorias, howaboutwetalk, and giftedblog87, present to you the ratio of meatball sauce in ml to meatballs. The background information is that one jar of sauce is used in the small pot and two jars in the big pot. The meatballs will be filled up to the brim of each pot, without the sauce overflowing.

IMG_0065 IMG_0066

As you can see, our conclusions are that, one, there can be 75 meatballs in the large pot and 40 meatballs in the small, and two, surprisingly enough, both pots had a ratio from ml of meatball sauce to meatballs of about 1.15 : 1.


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