November 24

Today, for the first three periods Mr. Penney was our substitute teacher for homeroom.

In Literacy, we read from a language textbook, wrote down definitions for some terms read (oral tradition and legend), took notes about the text, and discussed a few questions about legends (specifically, The Sword in the Stone and John Henry).

In Science, we were given our tests back, the results of which we wrote down in the table of contents section of our science binder. Next, we began reading about the cell membrane and its characteristics, such as its selective permeability. We also discussed about diffusion and its real life purposes. Finally, we were given a worksheet about the cell membrane and relating diffusion to particle theory.

In Music, Mr. Kowtaluk was our substitute teacher. A group chose to practice for the talent show, while the rest of us played songs on our instruments. Finally, we played Telephone with the phrase “Jingle Bells is often played on Taco Tuesday after a game of golf.”

In Math, we were assigned new questions from the math textbook. For the Grade 7s, I would appreciate if someone would comment their questions as I missed them. For the Grade 8s, we started the review section of 5 questions on page 147 of the textbook.

In French, we were given time to continue practicing our “Au Supermarche” projects.


  • Bring in progress report envelopes (with the bottom section of page 2 and a signed copy of the IEP, if applicable) ASAP
  • Bring in High School Musical Trip Forms by December 5th
  • Don’t forget to register for the Ottawa trip by December 12th
  • The Westmount Information Night is on Wednesday, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, for those that wish to attend.

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