November 25

Mr. Kowtaluk was our substitute teacher today for homeroom.

For the first two periods of Math, the Grade 7s took up their math work from last week   (pg. 280 – 281, #4 – 17). The Grade 8s finished their work on pg. 147 (Questions 1 – 5) of the Nelson Math Textbook.

In Gym, we continued our badminton tournament.

In Literacy, we continued reading from the literacy textbook as a class. We read about the aspects of poetry, and took notes about important terms. We answered some questions about poetry in a class discussion.

In French, we continued working on our “Au Supermarché” scripts. These will have to be presented on Monday.


  • Bring in progress report envelopes (with the bottom section of page 2 and a signed copy of the IEP, if applicable) ASAP
  • Bring in High School Musical Trip Forms by December 5th
  • Don’t forget to register for the Ottawa trip by December 12th (Gr. 8)
  • The Westmount Information Night is tomorrow, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, for those that wish to attend.



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