Weekly Overview (Nov. 17-21)

November 17 (Mon.)

  • collaborated with group members to solve a multi-step problem
  • started badminton
  • worked on word art
  • started ‘Au Supermarche’

November 18 (Tues.)

  • had a science test on Chapter 1
  • started the badminton tournament
  • played Jingle Bells, Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Dreidel Song
  • finished solving the meatball problem
  • recieved our progress reports and created a goal statement

November 19 (Wed.)

  • continued working on ‘Au Supermarche’
  • discussed Retro Art Stripes
  • continued our word art
  • wrote up our meatball problems
  • read lines of poetry

November 20 (Thurs.)

  • grade 7’s worked on internet safety sheet
  • grade 8’s worked on ‘What’s For Lunch’ sheet
  • wrote responses to ‘Which story does not belong?’
  • discussed what poetry was
  • worked on math given the previous day, then continued on to the next page
  • watched the movie Shrek in French and wrote down words we recognized
  • worked on our Social Justice projects

November 21 (Fri.)

  • PA Day, no school

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