November 28

Today, our class and Mrs. Read’s class visited the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

In the morning, our class learned how to use compasses, and practiced orienteering in pairs in the small course. Then in groups of four, we tried the bigger course to see who can use the compass efficiently.

In the afternoon, our classes combined to go on a hike into the woods, and played Camouflage. Congratulations to hanoj6 on winning first place and receiving a cup of hot chocolate!

Also, the Governor has asked us to brainstorm ideas on a math lesson that includes the things that we learned about orienteering during our trip.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Read injured her ankle while she and her class were in the forest, and was taken to the hospital. Let’s all hope for a quick recovery for her and her class’ well-being!


We will be going to Westmount on Dec. 8th to watch their production of “High School Musical”. If you haven’t brought in your forms and/or money, please bring them ASAP.


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