December 1


During the first two periods we had Literacy class. We worked on building our English skills using the Green Level work books. We had multiple students work on a document with the questions from the text while the rest of us continue to work on our notes while watching the document get made. If you haven’t completed your jot notes it’s recommended that you complete it.


Next we had Science class. We worked on a Cellular Respiration “Quiz”. Try to find time to study your notes because we’ll probably be having a test on cellular respiration and the ways cells make energy.


During Music class we worked on the songs Dreidel, The Kwanzaa song, Raiders Marchs and the More Cowbell song.


Following we had Math class. In Math we continued to discuss/ solve for the amounts for the Ottawa trip costs, expenses and revenue. We also had a great discussion of businesses, corporations and the art of money making. Don’t forget to finish your graphs of the total costs of the trip for the amount of students as well as the expenses and revenue.


Lastly, in French class we presented our Au Supermarché skits. Great job to all the groups that presented.


Finish your math homework- graphing the data we’ve received. (More info in the Math Paragraph)

Badminton Tournament begins tomorrow.

Band Practice for all instruments are tomorrow.


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