Math Algebra Assignment: December 2nd 2014

Your supply teacher will check to see who has finished the homework from yesterday. That was: create two t-charts (tables of values) showing Expenses and Revenues.  Be sure to label the y-column in the form of an algebraic expression.

The supply teacher will leave a list of students who are not finished the homework due today.  If you didn’t finish the homework, use the time in Periods 1 and 3 to finish it.  Anyone who is having trouble finishing the work should ask for help from a classmate.

New Assignment:

Imagine that Westview School informs Brightspark we have more than 48 students interested in attending the Grade 8 Ottawa trip.   We’re not sure exactly how many students will attend, but the maximum number of students will be exactly two full buses.

  1. Create a list of all of the fixed costs for this new scenario.
  2. Create the algebraic expression(s) to account for the revenues and expenses of the second bus, assuming the first bus is already filled. Note that this information needs to be CUMULATIVE.  In other words, it needs to account for the fact that the first student on bus #2 is actually student #49.
  3. Create a new table of values (t-chart)
  4. Create a new graph that shows the revenues and expenses from 1 student to 96 students, on the same graph.

Always use a ruler to create graphs.  Make sure your work is organized and neatly presented.  Keep this work in your math binder.




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