Literacy Assignment: December 2nd, 2014

Continue creating jot-note answers to the questions in Chapter 16.

Write definitions for the terms in bold.

Do the following questions:

p293 Part A questions1 and 2

p294 Part A questions 1-4

p296 questions 1-3

This is NOT homework.  Do as much as you can finish in class.

A group of students will volunteer to do a survey of the class during the second literacy period to determine the number of students working on each group of questions from Chapter 16.  Create a table showing the section topic in one column and the number of students who have worked up to that point and no further.


Topic                                    # of students who got no further than this topic

Understanding Legends                                    1

Understanding Tall Tale                                      0

Understanding the Ballad                                  0

Understanding Poetry                                        6



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