December 3


During today’s first period we had Science class. During science we took up our Cellular Respiration Quiz. We also took a quick look at cellular reproduction.

Phys. Ed

Next we had Phys. Ed. Today we started a new badminton tournament. We’ll proceed with our previous games later.


Then we had Music class. We played the holiday songs then we broke out in groups and practiced the songs.  Congrats to stevejowbs’s group for going first.


Then we had a double Literacy class. We continued to work on the Green Level book and answer the new questions in part 3, section 16. If you haven’t finished your jot notes you should probably finish them as they are necessary to answering the questions in a paragraph.


Lastly, in Math class we did the 2001 Gauss test.


Badminton tournaments during lunch have been moved to Wednesdays to accommodate the people who are in both band and badminton.

Bring in progress reports and/or forms that you have not returned as soon as possible.


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