December 5th Math

In Math class yesterday, you wrote the 2001 Gauss competition.  Today, you’ll be marking these.  The way we normally do this is to switch pages so that you’re not marking your own, and the teacher will simply read off the correct answer for each question.  Calculate a mark for the person according to the marking formula.

When the pages are returned to you, your teacher will put into groups to work on disaggregated the test into the strands of Number Sense, Measurement, Algebra, and other.  This process usually takes some time to sort out through consensus.  I’d like someone to post the results of this disaggregation by question number (i.e., which strand each question belongs to).

After the disaggregation is finished, calculate three marks for yourself, one in Number Sense, one in Measurement, and one in Algebra.  Do those calculations somewhere on your answer page and put all of your marks on your page in a neat and organized fashion.

Return your answer pages to the teacher so I can record the marks.

If anyone wants to see a demonstration of a solution for any of the questions, use today’s math class and Tuesday’s math class to put solutions on the blackboard, smart board, or the whiteboard cart.


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