December 5

Today in Health, the Grade 8s created posters comparing meals from different restaurants in pairs, while the Grade 7s worked on their activity.

In our double Literacy period, we did some silent reading. Then, we worked on our notes for Chapter 16, then went to the computer lab to type up our good-copy full-sentence answers.

Later in Math, we finished discussing which questions in the 2001 Gauss Test are Number Sense, Measurement, Algebra, or Other. Then, we scored within these topics and recorded them on our answer sheets.

In fifth period French, we worked in groups of up to four people, or worked individually and planned 3 repas et 2 gouters. The last work period for this will be on Tuesday, when we’ll be putting it on a chart paper. It will be due the end of French class on Tuesday.

Lastly, in Library, we worked on our Social Justice Projects, which will be due and presented in the second week back from the holiday break in January. Remember to include a proper bibliography and point-form notes.


Bring in any Social Justice forms next week to Mrs. Capretta.

We will be going to Westmount Secondary School on Monday to watch their presentation of High School Musical.


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