Week Overview (Dec.1-5)

December 1 (Monday, Day 2):

  • worked on creating a document with all the question from Building English Skills Green Level
  • did cellular respiration quiz
  • created what we thought were the expenses and revenues for the Ottawa trip into a graph and t-chart
  • presented our Au Supermarché skits

December 2 (Tuesday, Day 3):

  • made the revenues and expenses for the Ottawa trip if there were more than 48 students
  • finished our Round-Robin Tournament for badminton
  • did jot notes for pages 283-284 and 296 in the Building English Skills book
  • continued working on the categorizing-food sheet

December 3 (Wednesday, Day 4):

  • took up the cellular respiration sheet
  • started a double-elimination badminton tournament
  • started making jot notes for Fiction in the Green Level book
  • did the Gauss 2001 test

December 4 (Thursday, Day 5):

  • finished the food sheet and started a new healthy meal project
  • continued working on the zentangle art and learning about paisleys
  • made jot notes for part 4 of the Building English Skills book
  • took up the Gauss 2001 test

December 5 (Friday, Day 1):

  • started a new project about comparing meals from different restaurants
  • typed up good copies for all of Chapter 16 of the Green Level English Skills book
  •  categorized the questions from the Gauss 2001 test into Number Sense, Measurement and Algebra
  • worked on the healthy meal project making 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • worked on Social Justice projects

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