December 10

Miss Ward was our substitute teacher today for homeroom.

Today in Science, we took down a note about how cells regenerate and how they divide.

After in Gym, we continued our badminton tournament with Mr. Matsell.

When we finished gym, we headed to Music. We got into our groups and played one of the four songs Mr. Willet picked for us out of a cup.

After lunch, we went to Literacy and read for 20 minutes.  Then, Miss Ward handed out a run-on-sentences worksheet, where we had to put commas, semi-colons, or periods in a run on sentence.

For our second Literacy period we went to the computer lab and worked our Chapter 16 questions and turned the jot notes into full sentences.

For Math we took up some of the difficult Gauss questions, and when we were finished, we continued the “Word Game” from Monday.


  • Band tomorrow for all members
  • Social Justice trip tomorrow at 9:00 for those who signed up
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the Ottawa trip by Dec. 12. Remember, there are only 11 spots left!

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