December 9

Today in Math, we watched a video by Khan Academy about variables, Expressions, and Equations, for which we wrote down a note about the latter two.

After our first math class, went to Phys. Ed. and continued our badminton tournament.

When we returned from Gym, we solved a problem that practiced the Grammar of Solving Expressions. Then we solved multiple problems that practiced the Grammar of Balance Model.

After lunch in our two Literacy periods, we made a table of the different names of groupings for animals. After completing the t-chart, we moved on and started a Comma Usage Page. On this page, we wrote down what the comma is used for and practiced some examples for where a comma would go in a proper sentence.

After Literacy, we went to see Mr. Flewelling for French. Our Healthy Meal Plan was due today, so we finished these up and handed them in at the end of class.


  • Badminton tournament at recess tomorrow (Grade 8’s)
  • Social justice trip for people who signed up on Thursday
  • Band on Thursday at recess time for all members (remember, there are only three more practices before the concert!)

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