December 12

Today in Health, the Grade 8s continued on their posters that compare two meals from fast food restaurants, which will be due on the class after the next. The 7s learned about substance abuse and mental illnesses.

In our double Literacy period, we had Mr. Penney as our substitute teacher. Those who hadn’t completed their work continued the full answers and vocabulary for Chapter 16, and the people for were finished started doing Section 1.

In Math, (Mr. Schaefer had returned) we did a note on Algebra. We were given a pattern and had to find the pattern rule, create algebraic expressions, and find the 51st figure in the sequence.

Later in French class, we all took notes on Past Participles and DR MRS VANDERTRAMP (être verbs). Then, we started planning a presentation with groups of a maximum of four people to show what we learned. Try to finish this on Tuesday.

Lastly, in Library, we worked on our Social Justice projects, which will be due in the second Library class of January. Remember to make it entertaining and informative. Also, don’t forget to make a proper bibliography and point-form notes.


We will be going to Redeemer University on Monday, for those who didn’t bring in their forms, please have them ready Monday morning!

For those people in the talent show who are worried about missing the practice on Monday, don’t worry, Mr. Willet has been informed of our absence.


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