Weekly Overview (Dec. 8-12)

December 8 

  • Westview went to Westmount to see “High School Musical”
  • filled out critique sheet about it
  • played the “Word Game” and drama games with Ms. Ward

December 9

  • watched a video and made a note about the expressions and equations in Math
  • continued our badminton tournaments
  • practiced using the Grammar of Solving Expressions and the Grammar of the Balance Model
  • learned about comma usage and grouped animals in a t-chart in Literacy
  • finished our healthy meal posters in French

December 10

  • learned about cell division and regeneration in Science
  • continued badminton tournament
  • played one out of four holiday songs in Music as a test
  • did some silent reading, then did a worksheet on run-on sentences in Literacy, then worked on Chapter 16 answers
  • took up some questions from the 2001 Gauss test, then played the “Word Game”

December 11

  • Social Justice trip
  • watched Despicable Me in French
  • continued Zentangle art
  • watched an Arts assembly from Sir Allan MacNab high school
  • had a free work period in Literacy
  • acted out a character trait in Drama

December 12

  • 8s compared two meals on a poster, while 7s learned about abuse and mental illness in Health
  • either finished Chapter 16, or started working on Section 1 in Literacy
  • made a note on Algebra, and figured out an algebraic expression for a pattern
  • took a note on Past Participles and DR MRS VANDERTRAMP, then started making a presentation
  • worked on Social Justice projects

One thought on “Weekly Overview (Dec. 8-12)

  1. rinnesharingan says:

    Reminder: Please bring in dance money ($2) by Thursday morning, if you wish to attend. Also, keep in mind some of your favourite songs for the song vote for the top four songs that will be played in the Holiday dance.


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