Monday January 5 (Day 2)

Today was the first day back from the Holiday Break.

In our double Literacy period, the 7s read about Vocabulary Building in Building English Skills, Green Level. The 8s read Part 1 and 2 in the Red Level, and did activities on word origins. That activity should be finished and handed in tomorrow as homework.

In Science, we worked on a chart in which we had to match a major function and major organs with one of eleven organ systems (e.g. brain, spinal cord, and nerves send signals throughout the body and are part of the Nervous System). This is due next Science class.

In Music class, we played from songs #42-54.

In Math, we wrote down definitions of three central tendencies (Mean, Median, and Mode). As and activity, we measured and recorded the length of our hands. Calculate the three central tendencies for homework.

Lastly, in French we got into groups or worked individually and brainstormed words and phrases within a travelling theme, which we translated to French.


Finish word origin assignment; it’s due tomorrow.

Finish Data Management homework by tomorrow.

We will have one more period to work on our Library Social Justice projects.

Finish the Organ System sheet for the next Science class.

There will be no band practice tomorrow, there will be grade 8 badminton tournaments.


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