January 6

Today in Math, we took up our data management homework from yesterday, then did two more sets of central tendency calculations. We were then introduced to our new assignment– collecting 20 pieces data on our own, then making observations and calculating the mean, median, and mode.

In Phys. Ed. we were introduced to our basketball unit, and practiced shooting.

We then continued Math, and worked on collecting our data to present tomorrow.

In our double Literacy period, our word origin homework was checked, and then we did activities on compound words (two words put together) and blends (parts of two words put together. Then, we learned about acronyms.

In French, we finished and presented out travel vocabulary.


There is a ski trip coming up. The undecided date is February 12th.

We will have one more work period for our Social Justice Projects. Remember to make a proper bibliography and point-form notes.

Complete the surveys that classmates have posted on this blog, so they can finish their data management homework as well.


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