January 8

In French, we received a travel vocabulary sheet, then practiced a basic script with different partners.

In our two period of Art, we read the book “Canadian Art” pages 20-30 and answered the 5 questions on page 31. We took it up and discussed it at the end of class.

In fourth period, we started a discussion on howaboutwetalk’s trip yesterday to a conference on creating positive spaces in schools, which lead to subjects like the LGBT, the development of humanity, and overpopulation on the earth.

In Drama, we played another improv game where we had to say sentences, movies, or shows along the alphabet, then watched some clips on a show.

In Math, we took up our math homework from two days ago, then made pie charts on the students in a school. The second pie chart (where there are 64 Grade 6s) is homework, with observations you see in this data.


There is a Camp Onondaga sign up on Friday at 11:50 for any 7s who are interested.


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