January 9

In Health, the 8s continued working on their meal comparison posters, which will be due next week. The 7s discussed about where you should go if you have problems like drugs and peer pressure.

In Literacy, we had a friendly competition on recording and defining literary devices. The 8s then went to an assembly about their option sheets, and when they came back, we read a poem about ADD and talked about disability vs. exceptionality.

Later, in Math, we worked independently on questions in the textbook (pg. 92-95 questions 1-9 for Grade 8s). It is not for homework, but we were told that we could do it if you want to.

In French, we started watching Despicable Me and recorded the words we knew.

We had our last work period for our Social Justice projects in Library today. Remember, finish your bibliographies (you don’t have to do point-form notes anymore) and remember to test out your devices at lunch next Friday before the presentation.


There will be Option Sheet Information Nights at MacNab and Westmount. MacNab’s will be on January 15th at 6-7:00, and Westmount’s will be the day after at the same time.


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