Weekly Overview (Jan. 5-9)

January 5 (Day 2)

  • read and did activities in Building English Skills books
  • matched major organs and functions with eleven organ systems
  • played songs #42-54 in Music
  • made a note on central tendency, and measured our hands for a central tendency activity
  • brainstormed French words in a travel them

January 6 (Day 3)

  • continued doing activities with mean, median, and mode and collected data individually to present
  • started basketball unit and practiced shooting baskets
  • learned about compound words, blends, and acronyms
  • finished and presented travel vocabulary

January 7 (Day 4)

  • got into groups to work on a presentation about an organ system
  • continued shooting basketballs
  • did hearing exercises in Music
  • read article and watched video about oil crisis, then discussed capitalism, value of the Canadian dollar, and stock prices.

January 8 (Day 5)

  • received sheet on travel vocabulary, then practiced scripts
  • answered questions in “Canadian Art” books
  • discussed positive spaces in schools
  • played an alphabetical improv game
  • made pie charts

January 9 (Day 1)

  • continued working on meal comparison posters
  • had a literary device competition, and then talked about disability vs exceptionality
  • worked independently on questions in textbook
  • watched Despicable Me and wrote words we knew
  • had a last period to work on Social Justice Projects

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