January 12

In the two Literacy periods today, we presented and discussed the literary devices that we came up with last week. For the groups that have already presented, please compile a list of the literary devices you came up with onto a document. Please remember to not put in the definitions, only type in the words.

In Science we took up a organ system sheet we did the week before, and then continued to work on our organ system project.

During Music we had a playing test on number 56, then proceeded to number 59.

Later, in Math the Grade 8’s continued working on page 92-95 questions 1-9, while the Grade 7’s worked on page 84 questions 5-19. If you have not finished, please have it done for the next Math class.

In French we practiced the spelling from our travel vocabulary sheet, and then discussed our up-coming project on a French speaking country either in Europe or America. After, we practiced a basic script with different partners.


Those who have already presented in Literacy, compile a list of your literary devices.

Finish the Math we did in class today, as it is due tomorrow.

If you have not yet finished your Library project, remember it is due on Friday.


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